I Agree With This Ad. The Only Problem Is…


    I completely agree with this ad; 2nd CD Republican nominee Scott Rigell is simply another member of the “I’ve got mine so @#$@ you” party, fighting for the rich and powerful over the other 98% of us.  I also agree that extending tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans is not worth the nearly $1 trillion price tag, all of which will be added to the national debt.

    So, I like this ad, right?  Well, yeah, except the only problem is, Rep. Glenn Nye doesn’t really advocate different tax policies than Rigell does. Just recently, for instance, Nye said he favored extending all the Bush tax cuts, including on the wealthiest Americans, commenting that “now is not the right time to raise taxes on anybody.” How is that different from Rigell’s position, exactly?  Uhhhhh.  Also, Bearing Drift appears to be correct when it says, “Nye co-sponsored H.R. 498 last year, which makes permanent the very capital gains tax cuts attacked in the ad.” Whoops!

    The fundamental problem here? When you vote and talk like a Republican, it’s very hard for the Democratic Party to attack your opponent without causing collateral damage on you as well.


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