Daily Press: A Vote for Rigell is a Vote for Bush!


    I read a lot of political endorsements, but today’s Daily Press endorsement of Scott Rigell could be my favorite ever:

    • Giving Glenn Nye credit for working tirelessly to kiss the Daily Press‘ butt, then endorsing against him anyway
    • Telling voters they should support Rigell even though he’s not ready to represent their interests just to stick it to President Obama
    • Calling for a return to the Bush-Cheney economic policies that led to the Great Recession

    Check it out:

    As voters mark their ballots, they should be careful to protect not only the interests of their district but also those of the nation. To do the latter, they should deny the Democratic caucus in the House another vote.

    Incumbent Glenn Nye is the kind of moderate that the Democratic Party needs more of, and he’s thoughtful on the issues. But a vote for him will aid and abet a Democratic leadership that’s hell bent on an expansion of government that’s a radical departure from the nation’s bedrock principles and ruinous in its economic implications. Until the Democratic party moves away from its current agenda, its power to shape the nation’s agenda, or stymie progress under other leadership, must be blocked.

    In the 2nd District, the way to do that is by voting for Scott Rigell. He will have to grow into this role, but he has an example in Wittman. And he starts from a reasonable place: a first-hand understanding of the needs of business. Washington needs that, as it is business that will lift us out of the doldrums.

    After reading such a ringing endorsement, I’m sure independents are swaying towards Rigell like trees in a storm! Um, right?

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