New PPP Poll: “Virginia’s 13 electoral votes still in Obama’s column”


    Public Policy Polling gives us some encouraging news for a change!

    …PPP’s first look at [Virginia] almost two years from the election suggests otherwise. Just three weeks following the low point of his presidency, Obama leads all four current Republican frontrunners by healthy margins, and has a positive job approval rating in the Old Dominion.

    PPP’s final 2008 poll of the state which nailed the actual 53-46 result reflected an electorate in which Democrats outnumbered Republicans by five points. This electorate, at D +1, is more evenly split, but still gives the president a 50-45 job performance mark, better than PPP has measured him almost anywhere in 2010.

    Obama posts his strongest leads against Sarah Palin (52-41) and Newt Gingrich (51-40), with smaller advantages over Mike Huckabee (49-44) and Mitt Romney (48-43). The president has at least 91% of his party’s votes against any of the Republicans, with no more than 5% defecting…

    Hey, it’s 2 years out and only one poll (albeit by a highly accurate polling outfit), but I’ll take it! By the way, Gallup’s current Obama job approval numbers are 48%-45%. That’s slightly higher, by the way, than both Clinton’s and Reagan’s job approval numbers at the same point in their presidencies.  

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