Cheney, even in illness just couldn’t resist


    On the news tonight, I watched with my regular disgust as former Vice President Dick Cheney extolled the virtues of George Bush at the groundbreaking of Bush’s Library at SMU.  The Vice President looks frail–a much smaller version of the cheeky, self-engrossed war monger we saw during the Bush Presidency.  He sounded short-of-breath at times.  I actually felt bad for him.  But alas, about a minute or so into his speech, he couldn’t resist leveling a zinger at President Obama with a smirky smile.  The link to his speech is here:…

    Even George Bush has offered President Obama the courtesy that the previous administration should not criticize a sitting President and/or his administration.  That’s obviously a lesson Mr. Cheney has forgotten, or never learned.


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