Why I support Peter Rousselot for DPVA chair


    For me it is simple.

    1.  Peter has demonstrated that he knows how to build a party organization.  What he accomplished in Arlington demonstrates that.

    2.  He has the ability to recruit good people.

    3.  He knows how to listen, but also can act decisively when firm direction is needed.

    4.  He understands, as did Howard Dean for the DNC, that we cannot leave any race uncontested, that we can ignore no part of the state.  Just think – if we had had one extra vote per precinct statewide, or even 3 votes more per city/county, in 2005, Creigh Deeds would have been elected Attorney General, and Bill Bolling  would probably have been the (weak) Republican nominee for governor last year.

    There is more.

    5. Peter understands traditional party organizations, but also understands both grass roots organizing and the impact of the netroots. It is hard to think of another political figure in the DPVA who has all of those understandings.

    6.  He will devote himself full-time to building up the party.  Remember, we HAVE to hold the state senate next year as well as compete in all 100 House of Delegates races – in what will be redrawn districts.  

    7. That is also a precondition for building the organizations we will need in 2012 for redrawn Congressional districts, a US Senate race, and holding the Old Dominion for the Democratic party in the Presidential race.  And all of that is necessary as a prerequisite for the following year’s three statewide races and 100 contests for the House of delegates.

    The future of DPVA depends upon having the proper, dynamic leadership, from someone who not only can inspire but organize.

    I enthusiastically endorse Peter Rousselot.

    I suggest people explore his web site to learn more.

    If you are someone with a vote in this election, I urge you to support Peter.

    If you know people with votes, I urge you to urge them.



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