Eugene Is Fundraising


    Oh my, the man is shameless. The domain is  “”  too cheap to buy a .com domain name.

    You would not be amiss to think his mind is focused.  Focused like a spear ready to penetrate the tender hide of his foe. He knows what he wants and he will spare no pain to get it.

    Dear Eugene:

    When the Homosexual Lobby scours Public Advocate’s financial reports looking for weak spots, I want them to see that together, you and I met our budget goals for 2010 and are more than capable of thwarting their perverted agenda next year.

    To help you raise $102,595 by your December 31st deadline I am rushing you an emergency contribution of:

    And to ensure you are not mistaken in his devotion to be a straight arrow:

    Public Advocate was founded as a non-profit tax-exempt educational group under section 501(c)4 of the IRC.   Because Public Advocate lobbies to stop the Homosexual Agenda, contributions to Public Advocate are not tax-deductible.

    This is a link to the full diary on Pam’s House Blend.  I cannot do justice to the information.


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