Senate Republicans Play Political Games with U.S. National Security


    Thanks to John Kerry for calling out Senate Republicans – with a few exceptions, like Richard Lugar, one of the few adults in that party these days – for playing games with U.S. national security.  Can you imagine what the Republican reaction would have been if Democrats had done anything like this when Republicans were in the White House?  It’s 100% certain they would have been lambasted as traitors and America haters to the nth degree.  In this case, it’s not that the Republicans “hate America,” it’s that they care more about “breaking” Obama and scoring political points – playing games, in other words – than about protecting U.S. national security in a responsible way.  Between this, the Republicans’ complete obstructionism the past two years, the crazy-as-loons candidates they nominated in 2010, the crazy-as-loons presidential and VP candidates they nominated in 2008 — why does anyone take this party seriously at this point?


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