Standoff: Day 5, 148 comments, 18,000 words, but still no criticism of Delgaudio


    The saga of Loudoun Insider(LI)’s post on the blog Too Conservative continues into double quadruple overtime, and we still have yet to see one of the author’s critics concede that Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio may be a problem for the Loudoun County Republican Committee.  LI had the audacity to suggest that despite the extreme positions of two of their candidates (Delgaudio and Black), the leadership of the LCRC will refuse to disagree with any of their actions.  And from what we can see, this is demonstrably true!  

    Read if you dare, but try not to get lost in the endless attempted contortions and distractions that try to take your attention away from the issue at hand!  (The issue, that is, that apparently NOBODY in the LCRC establishment thinks that Delgaudio or Dick Black will be the slightest bit of a liability to the party in 2011!)

    The mere fact that so much has been posted by Loudoun Insider’s detractors (again, over 100 angry comments about everything BUT Delgaudio’s issues) proves that the Republicans in the county are desperate to try to divert the issue away from the fact that the Supervisor from Sterling is President of a group that is so controversial, he even makes conservatives cringe behind their keyboards!


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