Forget “Macaca”; Peter Galuszka Lays Out the REAL Problems with George Allen


    Yeah, I know it’s fun to focus on the long series of gaffes, idiocies, and racist statements (and actions) of George Allen — “macaca,” a severed deer head in a black family’s mailbox, the photo with the racist Council of Conservative Citizens, habitual use of the “n” word, a noose in his office, apparent shame and rage over the “aspersion” over being questioned about his Jewish heritage on his mother’s side, insistence that he’d still eat a “ham sandwich for lunch” despite being a “Member of the Tribe,” etc, etc. But beyond that, there are actually more serious, substantive problems with George Allen and his candidacy for U.S. Senate. Over at Bacon’s Rebellion, the ever-excellent Peter Galuszka lays them out. The main problems:

    1. Allen “was right there from 2001 to 2006 cheerleading George W. Bush through his budget-busting tax cuts for the well-to-do, minimizing banking rules that helped spur the financial meltdown, and voting for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that still haven’t been paid for.”

    2. Allen is “plunging into some different and hard times,” bearing little resemblance to the situation he faced when he was governor, and for which Allen has absolutely no answers or clue about.

    3. Since getting his butt booted out of office by Jim Webb and the “ragtag army” in 2006, Allen’s been “working in a sinecure-type job as a highly paid energy lobbyist” – not exactly “great preparation for a new run for the Senate.”

    I’d add that Allen hated being in the Senate, was so bored there he called it a wounded sea slug.” And no wonder he was bored; can anyone think of a single, significant accomplishment – just one will do – by George Allen in his 6 years as a U.S. Senator? Uhhhh.

    In sum, moving beyond “macaca,” Allen was a complete waste of space as Senator, has no clue how to relate to a wildly changed Virginia (economically, demographically, you name it), and has been doing nothing since 2006 to indicate any growth or learning or self-awareness. Other than that, he’s a superb candidate for Senate, I truly hope Republicans nominate him! LOL

    P.S. Allen can go on every conservative talk radio show in existence, but if he has nothing to say and nothing new to offer (other than cliches, platitudes, and exhortations to “stand strong for freedom” – whatever that means) then who cares? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    • Jim B

      I believe we all know what a klutz Allen is, but what about Virginia voters? Look at the governor and AG, these people are not ready for prime time, but it appears the voters are more and more swinging to the right.  

    • Catzmaw

      and FIRST major achievement as a Senator was the New GI Bill.  We mustn’t forget also his strong promotion of a “Truman Commission” to attack waste, fraud, and abuse in the contracting system for Iraq and Afghanistan, his leadership and expertise on all matters touching on the Pacific Rim, particularly our strategy for the future in a changing world where the balance of power is shifting toward the Chinese.  Webb has been quietly working behind the scenes on Vietnam, Myanmar, and other Asian nations.  At home he has been sounding the alarm over our incarceration crisis and has also, from the specific point of view of Virginia, fought hard to prevent the shifting of military assets to other states.  Allen cannot begin to touch Webb’s depth of knowledge about these issues.  

      Remember the campaign?  Remember what the argument was against Webb?  He was supposed to be too “temperamental” for the Senate and he wrote “naughty passages” in some novels.  How is Allen or ANY Republican candidate supposed to attack him now?  He’s been THE biggest champion for the military and veterans in Congress – period.  Allen wants to “stand strong for freedom”?  What has he ever DONE for our military?  What legislation did he propose?  Nothing, nada, zip.  As to the famous temper?  What?  Where?  Oh, I’ve heard him ask a few withering questions of hapless witnesses in Senate Committee hearings, but he’s never raised his voice.  He’s sent out a few letters to bureaucrats which threatened to burn through their envelopes, but his inquiries are always about just how said bureaucrats intend to justify whatever action they’ve proposed.  In fact, he seems to be getting along with everyone.  No one’s complaining about any problems with his legendary temper.  

      Webb’s going to win this election.

    • pontoon

      to not count out any candidate, George Allen, or others.  The political climate is too heated and distorted to be able to write off anyone.  

    • leedynamo

      You asked it Lowell but it bears repeating because it should end the whole thing. I cannot believe that a single independent voter would vote for this empty suit.

      The question is what were his legislative accomplishments as a US Senator?  The answer is his role in helping to pass the retrospective resolution expressing regret for lynchings of African-Americans.

      Actually, he had no accomplishments with the force of law.


      And, he played politics.  He chaired the RSCC, which means he raised a lot of money for fellow Republican Senators and candidates.

      This fake cowboy from Southern California is one of the poorest examples of a public servant in American history.