New RNC Chair’s Law Firm Sought Stimulus Funds, Says Mandates are Constitutional


    ThinkProgress has some interesting information about new RNC Chair Reince Priebus. Among other things:

    *”Priebus’s Wisconsin law firm helped its clients obtain federal stimulus funds, citing the fact that Priebus’s name was attached to the ‘Stimulus and Economic Recovery Group.'”

    *”His law firm says the recently passed health care bill is constitutional: Priebus’s law firm not only says the law is constitutional, but has touted its benefits to clients.”

    Just keep that in mind when Priebus starts spouting his new talking points about how the “stimulus” and “Obamacare” are badevilterriblecommiesocialist. LOL

    P.S. In other news, Priebus can’t keep the words “Obama” and “Osama” straight. Also, “While Priebus was chair of the Wisconsin GOP, the state party engaged fomented voter fraud conspiracies and hatched a voter caging plot with well-funded right-wing allies to suppress minority votes.” Sounds like a perfect fit for RNC Chair. Heh.