Richmond Planned Parenthood clinic in the sights of rightwing scammers and their hidden cameras


    By now most of us have heard of the attempts by the radical rightwing lynch mob at “Live Action” to bring down Planned Parenthood with a hidden camera sting similar to that pulled on ACORN by Breitbart and O’Keefe.

    Problem is, it’s coming apart rapidly.

    First, PP reported to the FBI that a man was visiting their offices claiming to have knowledge of an underage prostitution ring.

    Now, Media Matters has been examining the videos and is finding a lot of evidence that the videos were heavily edited.

    In this clip made at a Richmond PP clinic, it turns out that the same portion of video has different audio tracks — clear signs of phony editing.…

    Someone needs to alert the Richmond newspapers and TV stations — they might grab this and run with it.

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