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Sen Webb: only $12,000 raised for reelection


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per The Hill:

Webb, who still hasn't made his reelection plans known, raised just over $12,000 during the final quarter of 2010.

He reported $444,000 in cash on hand ahead of what might be one of the most hotly contested Senate races of the 2012 cycle, should Webb opt for reelection.

Senator Webb is one of the strongest independent voices in congress, it would be a travesty were he to opt not to run for reelection. He is also the strongest candidate to run against whoever the Republicans end up running. If the idea of Sen. George "Macaca" Allen  or Sen. Jamie "Tea Party Queen" Radtke doesn't scare you, I really don't know what will. Let's stand behind Jim Webb by donating to his campaign securely through ActBlue today.


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