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Bob McDonnell Shows True Colors: No “Truce” on Social Issues


In response to the question, “Do you think that there needs to be a truce in our country on social issues, in the debate on social issues?”, Bob McDonnell point blank answers “no.” He proceeds:

These issues go to the heart and soul of what we believe as a people. Particularly on the life issue, if you believe that Jefferson was serious in the Declaration of Independence and that government is instituted to protect people’s right to life, liberty, and property, then you take those admonitions seriously and you try to do what you can to protect human life across the spectrum…

Look, Bob McDonnell’s clearly no libertarian, either on economic matters (can we say “corporate welfare?”) or on social issues (he certainly doesn’t agree with Jim Webb that government should stay out of our bedrooms). Furthermore, he’s not the moderate, “soccer dad,” “Bob’s for Jobs,” “Northern Virginia’s own” guy who said the “thesis” was ancient history and that he was way past that. It’s not, and he’s not. Anyone who believes that Pat Robertson’s “leopard” has changed its spots is, frankly, deluding themselves.


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