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Do you know Senator Yvonne Miller?


(Thanks to Senator Miller for letting us all know a bit more about her. Much appreciated! – promoted by lowkell)

(Note this is the first post in the “Do you know Senator” series profiling Virginia’s Democratic senators.)

Democrat Yvonne Miller represents Virginia’s 5th District, which includes parts of Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach in the Virginia Senate.  Senator Miller is well known for being the first African-American woman to serve in each chamber of the General Assembly and the longest serving woman in the Senate. But here are a few things you may not know about her:

Senator Miller’s hobbies: “My hobbies are reading the bible, religious books of many kinds, Sunday School lessons, romantic novels, etc.”

Her favorite television show: “My favorite thing to watch on TV is the 7 to 8pm news on WHRO PBS Channel 15.  It provides in-depth coverage of the news of the day.”

Senator Miller’s greatest accomplishment: “My greatest accomplishment came in helping to support my parents, brothers and sister in completing their educational pursuits.”

Her secret to success: “The secret to success is having the favor of God, favor of people, hard work, and faithfulness to the task at hand.”

She likes social networking/online media: “Social networking and online media are excellent ways to stay in touch with my family, friends, and constituents.”

Her weekend hangouts:

My constituents may find me on the weekend:

–         at a church in my district;

–         at special events in the district;

–         on rare occasions, at home.

Senator Miller’s first campaign slogan: “My first campaign slogan was: ‘The People’s Choice.'”

Her favorite legislation:

The legislation that I am most proud of includes:

–    Increased funding for programs related to early childhood education;

–    Increased funding for Norfolk State University, Old Dominion; University and Eastern Virginia Medical School;

–    Small steps to improve rail services to Hampton Roads.

Senator Miller’s district goals:

My top goals for the district are:

–         Serve as a voice for the voiceless – poor, homeless, destitute;

–         Increase funding for public education, higher education;

–         Increase funding for programs for senior citizens;

–         Increase funding for human services;

–         Work to have another way to restore rights to felons who have completed sentences, paid fines and court costs.

Her future goals:

Next year, during the 2012 session, I look forward to addressing:

–         Increased funding for public education K-12;

–         Increased funding for higher education;

–         Attempt, again, to have a proposed constitutional amendment to give the General Assembly a voice in restoring the rights to felons who have completed required sentences, payment of court costs and fines;

–         Increased services to senior citizens.


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