Have Republicans completely lost it?


    I am totally aghast at the lows the Republicans have used to get their way in Ohio and in Wisconsin.  Yesterday, in Ohio, a Republican would not vote the way he was required by his colleagues, so they removed him from the committee, replaced him with a more agreeable member, and passed their bill.  But the bill had to go through yet another committee.  Lo and behold, in the second committee, they had another renegade Republican amongst them, so they removed and replaced him as well.  Can these tactics even be legal?

    Today in Wisconsin, the Republican Senate has issued essentially arrest warrants for the “Wisconsin 14.”   Here’s the link to a copy of the Resolution the Repubs passed this afternoon.


    WI Senator Grothman called the protesters “Slobs, hangers-on and the unemployed who don’t have anywhere to be.”  And then said they were defacing the capital.  But an article written in Preservation Nation completely contradicts Senator Grothman.

    Take a look:


    When Grothman was asked if he wanted to apologize to the protesters, he smiled and said he had called them loveable slobs and he’d go no further with an apology than that.

    I know the Repubs did very well last November and they think they got a mandate from the voters. However, I believe most voters today honestly believe that the Republicans have lost it.  They have totally and completely gone bonkers!


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