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Bob McDonnell on VCU: Then and Now



Bob McDonnell on January 23, 2011:

Gov. Bob McDonnell wants to punish Virginia Commonwealth University for what he calls an “unacceptable” tuition hike by the school’s Board of Visitors last spring.


McDonnell’s proposed budget amendment would cut state funding to VCU by $17 million. That’s equal to half of what VCU’s tuition increase raised.

Just to keep VCU’s tuition increase in perspective, the school still charges tuition that’s “slightly below the average for four-year institutions in Virginia.” Yes, definitely punish them for that, Governor!


Bob McDonnell now that VCU’s Men’s Basketball team is in the Final Four:

On Friday afternoon, before they left town [for Houston to cheer on VCU], McDonnell and his wife gathered with about 50 of his staffers on the steps of the Virginia Capitol to take a photo in their black and gold finest. McDonnell had offered his office the option of dressing down for the day, provided they made donations to VCU’s Massey Cancer Center.


“I think it’s been an enormous positive for the city…It’s a marvelous Cinderella story,” he said, referring both to VCU and the University of Richmond, which also unexpectedly made it to the tournament’s Sweet 16. “Americans love these stories of overachievement and pulling for the underdog. It’s part and parcel of the great American story.”

So, Governor, are you still going to “punish” VCU now that their men’s basketball team is part of the “great American story” (and, of course, you want to tie yourself as close to that “underdog” story as humanly – not to mention politically – possible)?  Also, can we say “fair weather fan” or what?!?  


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