Did We Give Gov Bob McDonnell the Wrong Nickname?


    We may have given the nickname Sideshow Bob to the wrong Bob.  Should we have given it to Bob McDonnell instead?  You see, lately, Bob McDonnell has been all over VA.  He’s been to NY, NJ and Houston.  He’s created or attended sideshows everywhere.  But he didn’t have time to go to the sites of two disastrous tornadoes in Pulaski and Draper for nine long days.

    The Roanoke Times has run an interesting chronology and story of the way Gov Bob McDonnell spent his time during the time between when Pulaski and Draper were hit by two tornadoes and the time he finally got of his tush to go to Pulaski and Draper.  For nine long days, McDonnell mugged for photos; went to a ceremony postponed because he went to the Final Four, (yeh, that was urgent); stayed in NY for “private meetings;” met with pharmaceutical folks in NJ; and more.  But the stricken localities in his home state weren’t important to him. His trip was delayed on April 16 due to a storm.  (!!!?????)   Residents of Pulaski and Draper have no homes, but rain kept him from visiting on the ground?

    He was within 90 miles of Pulaski taking credit for jobs he probably did nothing to bring to Martinsville, a community so bereft of adequate jobs the neglect is palpable.  But he chose this time to show up there,  way too late since the disastrous Martinsville economy has been long in the making-and not on the scene of a disaster. Finally, he he got there nine days after the twin disasters struck.  

    When tornadoes ravaged the Raleigh area (and a number of others) in NC last weekend, Republicans were quick to unfairly slam Democratic Governor Bev Perdue, who was out of state when the tornadoes hit. Perdue got on a plane and returned that very night. And she was on the ground visiting the sites of the destruction next morning. The irony of this double standard is astounding. How many Republicans have taken O’Donnell to task?

    Frankly, the callousness of his NO RESPONSE for nine days speaks volumes about his lack of suitability to govern this state.  Like everything he has attempted or refused to attempt since his swearing in, this shows his complete apathy toward governing as opposed to posing as governor of Virginia.  Now we in the New River Valley of VA know. The governor just isn’t that into us. Is he into any of Virginia?


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