Do all Republicans have a problem with the truth?


    Dean Sumner of Northumberland County is one of several Republicans who want to pick up the General Assembly seat being vacated by Al Pollard in the 99th District.  This article lists six of them:…

    Richard Lorey, King George;

    Dean Sumner, Northumberland;

    John Lampmann, Caroline;

    Margaret Ransone, Westmoreland;

    Lewis Walker, Lancaster; and

    — are you ready for this —

    Catherine Crabill, Lancaster.

    My understanding is there will be a Republican primary in August, unless a deal is worked out among 99th District Republicans to avoid the primary.

    I’ve been able to find websites for only two of them, Sumner and Watkins.

    Sumner’s website,, contains a couple of — well, not exactly accurate claims.  Let’s not say “lies.”

    Because he’s a Republican, he has on his website the obligatory “I Love The Sacred Second Amendment” section, complete with quotes from the Founding Fathers about the importance of armed citizens.


    One problem:  Of the three quotes in this section of Sumner’s website, two of them are bogus.

    First, Sumner features this quote from Thomas Jefferson:  “Those who hammer their guns into plowshares will plow for those who do not.”

    There’s a small problem here.  THOMAS JEFFERSON NEVER SAID OR WROTE ANY SUCH THING.  The quote is bogus.  Phony.…

    Following the bogus Jefferson “quote,” is another quotation attributed to George Washington — something about guns being as important as the Constitution.  As with the Jefferson quote, WASHINGTON NEVER SAID SUCH A THING.……

    Are Republicans really so dense that they can’t do simple research, or, do they figure no one will notice or care?


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