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McAuliffe and Moran need to respond to Bolling’s Bologna


by Paul Goldman

Unless we intend to concede the 2013 GUV race, then Terry and Brian need to get their heads in the game right now. The “Jobs Governor” PR line being put out by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling creates an intentionally misleading picture, one Democrats cannot allow to take root unless they want to concede another total statewide ticket wipeout.

A recent press release by Bolling, highlighting an AP article entitled Va seeks to learn from lost jobs since ’05, attempts to be both puffery for the GOP and a slam at Kaine/Warner. In his press release, Bolling tries to take credit for “406 economic development deals in Virginia” which he says had added “55,000 net new jobs” in “the past 15 months.”

It is misleading to the max for Bolling to try and leave the impression of being responsible for these 406 projects and 55,000 new jobs. It is a Bolling Birtherism, giving birth to more Bolling Bologna. Indeed, to the press, the Bolling Bologna goes so far as to claim that “[E]conomic development had not been a top priority of state government in a number of years.” A number that no doubt includes Tim Kaine and Mark Warner’s terms as governor.

Hello Democrats: Do you see a man desperately trying to create a record for himself and to tear down leading Virginia Democrats’ records of accomplishment?

If the GOP wants to challenge the authenticity of birth certificates, then perhaps they should start with those listing Bill Bolling as the father of these 406 deals. Of course, Bolling knows he can’t justify any such claim, so he cleverly tries to weasel and weave around the facts.  

Team Terry and Team Brian need to get into the game. Otherwise, think “Swift Boats Veterans for Truth” or your favorite example of how something told over and over without any basis can be believed  by swing voters. In 2009 and 2010, we saw how this can cost Democrats an election.

Do we really want VA 2013 to be more proof?


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