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Stop Me If You’ve Seen This Before


We’re now hearing President Obama will meet with House Speaker John Boehner at the White House tonight at 8:45pm. Reports said Republicans had agreed to a compromise on the budget, then fled in panic after feeling heat from their Tea Party overlords.

It all feel so familiar. But if bad-faith negotiator Boehner calls for yet another round of concessions, will Barack Obama, The Great Pragmatist, be willing to say “then shut it down”?

  • Mike1987

    we had a President like this.

  • ….and was going to post this today, but just hadn’t gotten around it yet. Guess great minds…

  • pontoon

    press room and talked about another CR…said if it was necessary to create the paperwork for passage of the compromise bill, he might be in favor, but otherwise he didn’t seem to be willing to go for another extension.  Has he found his line in the sand?  I sure hope so.

  • BrenBlue59

    The funny thing is I was reading an article on Huff Post earlier- regarding the possibly imminent shutdown and thinking about this very same episode. I was thinking how similar it was to the current real life situation & also how prophetic Sorkin’s writing has been at times. I would like to see it play out in the same way. I just hope President Obama has a Josh Lyman in his pocket when it comes to ending the shutdown ( if it happens). If the shutdown does happen, how it gets resolved is at least as important as the act itself.

  • totallynext

    bring up plans to only shut down in RED states.

    Shut down the bloat – the money is spent in the RED states.

    It is his discretion on what operates and what shuts down.

    All those Republicans that work for the DoD in non-essential jobs – down!

    But only in RED states – they want to play politics….Then Do it Mr. President.