Video: “Protestors crash Frank Wolf press conference”


    Two points on this: 1) gotta hand it to Frank Wolf, at least he’s been consistent in his dislike of tunnels, either at the airport (where we don’t need one) or in Tysons Tunnel (where we badly DO need one); and 2) good for the union members protesting Wolf’s constant anti-worker, pro-corporate, right-wing ideological votes on everything from health care reform to the environment to huge tax breaks to rich people to defunding Medicare to…you name it. Every time Wolf pokes his head out of his spider-hole, he deserves to be confronted with protests like these.

    • Jeff Barnett

      Rail-to-Dulles remains an underfunded disaster. The biggest problem is Frank Wolf’s failure to get proper federal funding. Of the projected $6.25 billion cost, only 14% comes from the Federal government. The nationwide average for Federal funding of mass-transit rail is 38%. Rail projects in Dallas and Seattle, with no federal impacts, got 42-50% federal funding. Rail-to-Dulles should have received at least that much if not more. After all, connecting our Nation’s capital by rail to its international airport is in the federal interest. But Wolf only got 14% for us! If he had done his job and just obtained the nationwide average, we would have an additional $1.5 billion dollars for Rail-to-Dulles. That would pay for parking garages, an underground station at Dulles, a tunnel under Tysons, and cuts to tolls on 267. None of that will happen because Frank Wolf let us down on Rail-to-Dulles. Northern Virginia will have to make up the shortfall. We will be living with Wolf’s failure for decades.