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Saturday Morning Virginia News Headlines


VPAP is taking the weekend off, but Blue Virginia never rests! 🙂 Anyway, here are your Virginia news headlines for Saturday morning.

*Pentagon on alert after Marine arrested

*Justice Department approves Virginia’s legislative redistricting plan

*Virginia unemployment rate falls to 6 percent in May; still below national average

*Virginia Counting on New Supercomputer to Boost Economy

*Washington’s wealthy include local congressional delegation

*Virginia Tech team’s fuel-efficient car wins national contest

*Perriello: No plans for 2012 campaign

*McDonnell flies to France next week, but not to see uranium

*Hey Mr. President, why not play golf in Fairfax?

*Allen launches new website, video

*Arlington man jumps into U.S. Senate race

*Finally: “On Father’s Day weekend, President Obama reflects on his experience as a parent and discusses the challenges and necessity of being a good father.”


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