Sometimes lefties do stupid stuff too


    Cross posted on Daily Kos

    Here on Blue Virginia, we support worthy progressive candidates and causes wherever we can. But we don’t refrain from letting folks on the left know when they’ve got their head stuck up their crotch.

    Which is the case both literally and figuratively in San Francisco, where a referendum on banning male circumcision has been approved for the ballot.

    My friends on the left side of the fence, we have many, many legitimate causes to champion and battles to fight.  Saving the lowly foreskin is not one of them.

    There is simply no evidence that the millions of men who were circumcised as babies are less healthy or happy then those who were not. I speak from experience here. (No cracks from the peanut gallery.)

    Granted, Woody Allen is a mess, but he’s still done pretty well for himself…

    The proposed law would constitute a bit of ethnic cleansing among San Fran’s Jewish population, and some Moslems, for whom circumcision is a religious duty. And all for what?  Because some group calling itself “intactivists” consider the male member to be under assault.  

    Oh lord, please, please don’t turn me into Charles Krauthammer, but I’m forced to acknowledge at this point that it is possible for your heart to bleed so much that it cuts off the flow to your brain.

    I also can’t help observing that Democrats are usually the pro-choice party, which not only permits but celebrates lifestyle differences — not the theocratic party that dictates what we do with our organs. Granted, infants don’t have a choice in the matter, but where in the world do they ever have a choice to do anything more than cry and poop?  At least let their parents, rather than the state, make this decision.

    This peculiar custom of my people has always been misunderstood. I remember once in college when a Mexican Catholic friend asked me: “Did you have a bar mitzvah?” When I said yes, he then asked, with a grave look on his face: “Did it hurt?”

    Bar mitzvahs don’t hurt and mohels do not belong on the Most Wanted list.  I’m almost tempted to fly to San Francisco to stand on street corners and wave signs with catchy slogans like “Hands off our penises!” (Almost, except for my concern over what such a course of action may do to my marriage.)

    When lefties do dumb stuff, we need to simply, swiftly call them on it without mincing words. Otherwise, they make us all look dumb.

    So show your opposition to the San Fran ballot measure, and please tell the “intactivists” to focus on America’s genuine problem with d**kheads – namely, with the ones known as “Republicans”.