Home Media Washington Post Gets What It Deserves: A Subpoena From Daniel Snyder

Washington Post Gets What It Deserves: A Subpoena From Daniel Snyder


The Washington Post made a Faustian bargain with Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, giving him op-ed space in exchange for controversy & clicks. Now the bill is coming due, as Snyder is issuing a subpoena to the Post:

Snyder’s lawsuit, in spite of his proud family journalistic legacy, now means the Post may have to spend time and money responding to a very broad document request and deposition supboena, even though the paper Snyder is actually suing is City Paper. The subpoena specifies that the “Documents” requested include, but are not limited to, “any kind of written, typewritten, printed, reproduced, recorded, or stored material whatsoever, whether printed, recorded, or stored electronically, magnetically, or otherwise, or reproduced by hand, including, but without limitation, drafts, notes, memoranda, letters, reports, minutes, projections, emails, telegrams, telex communications, publications, contracts, recordings, transcriptions of recordings and business records, books of accounts, ledgers, balance sheets, financial statements and all other financial documents of any kind, diaries, telephone logs, telephone bills, appointment books, desk calendars, working papers, routing slips and similar materials.” Pity the Post intern who has to comb through the telegrams!

Think the Post will now donate to the Washington City Paper’s Legal Defense Fund? Maybe they won’t, but you should.