Uranium Mining Letter from VA Senator Steve Martin


    Here’s a letter from Virginia Senator Steve Martin. Apparently, those opposed to uranium mining have a “shallow” understanding of the safety issues involved.  I feel much more enlightened now.

    From: “senate district11”


    Thank you for sharing your concern about paid travel and uranium mining in Virginia. I see these as two different issues, though it may be that the particular company you referenced is funding some travel.

    I was not aware of this scheduled trip and was not offered an opportunity to go. But, I will check into it. Any such trips will need to be reported on the individual legislators’ statements of economic interest. Such “fact finding trips” sometimes do not accrue to the funder’s benefit due to the integrity and exercise of independent judgment by the respective legislators. But, you are right: accepting such travel opportunities does not look good.

    As for the issue of uranium mining itself, I have researched it thoroughly and am fully aware of the site design and water flow issues. I am knowledgeable of the precautions that ensure there is no contamination. I understand why the mere thought of radiation risk would raise fear but, that is really born out of a fairly shallow understanding of the issue.

    As this issue comes before me, I will be supporting the opportunity for uranium mining in Virginia. It will be done safely and put many people to work in an area that needs the job opportunities.

    Again, thank you for sharing your concern. I will check into the travel issue you have raised. Feel free to continue to share your concern on any topic of interest to you, and please do not hesitate to call or write to my office at any time.


    Steve Martin

    • aimeefausser

      Talk about clueless.

    • pontoon

      it’s because he’s already told them he will vote for the bill to lift the ban on uranium mining.  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      As a now-middle-aged alumnus of Jerry Falwell’s Lynchburg Christian Academy (originally set up as a segregation academy in the 1960’s but now just a fundamentalist K-12 school), Martin reflects the prevailing pro-business, anti-environmental-protection views of a majority of people from that background.

      The one good sign is that an increasing number of evangelicals are seeing the environment as something entrusted to us by God and deserving of protection from the worst of human misuse. I suppose Martin is not one of those people.

    • Progressive86


      I certainly hope you’re right. Frankly, however, I remain dubious until I see more of an explicit push for pro-environmental policies by the evangelical ‘community’.  

    • glennbear

      Apparently the millions of dollars being expended by various entities to study the effects of VA uranium mining are a waste. Senator Martin already knows it will be done safely according to his letter. It is nice to know that on any given issue we need not consult experts but just have to ask our state senators.(not) The conservative/authoritarian segment of Virginia will of course take his words as gospel.  

    • Progressive86

      Not to mention (to piggy-back off your points) that a failure of safety procedures could cost the lives of thousands of Virginians nearby, or at the very least make a large patch of southern Virginia unlivable for years to come. One can guess, also, the economic toll this would take.

      Senator Martin’s “energy ideology” is absolutely astonishing. That is, energy at any cost.

      Let’s ask him if he is willing to move his vacation home near one of the proposed uranium mine sites.  

    • mosquito

      So does Senator Martin care to reassure his constituents by giving them one real world example where uranium has been safely mined?  Since he says he”s done the research he should be able to simply give us this example quickly.  It should be right there on the tip of his tongue. Heck we’ll make it easy he can even provide a real world example in a desert which won’t have as much water as here?

      I think he will prefer to continue just spouting out the talking points that Virginia Uranium lobbyists are providing their legislators in the General Assembly.

      I feel sorry for this Senator’s constituents.  Looks like he’d rather represent the big boys and try to malign honest citizens who are trying to keep our communities safe by name calling and labeling us as shallow.

      We have the facts on our side so we don’t have to do the name calling.  But if I was going to name call I’d have to say that this Senator has sold his constituents out to the highest bidder.  And this is what’s wrong with our political system!

      Buzz Buzz!!!

    • Pittopiner

      Finally, a state legislator who is willing to stand up to the environmental elitists who want to dictate the terms of our surrender to our foreign enemies who now control our energy sources!  Three cheers for Senator Martin!