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George Allen Attacks ActBlue, Daily Kos, “liberal online activists”



Yeah, right. (Note: click on image to “embiggen”)

Seriously, though, what’s particularly amusing about this fundraising email is how ridiculous it is to think that the folks over at Daily Kos are big Tim Kaine fans. I mean, has there ever, in the history of Daily Kos, been a positive front-page diary about Tim Kaine (ok, there have probably been one or two, but not many)? How about a positive diary about Tim Kaine by a Daily Kos user not from Raising Kaine (back in 2005, when we were focused on defeating Jerry Kilgore)? Good luck finding either of those. On the other hand, you certainly will be able to find Daily Kos diaries attacking Tim Kaine, such as this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, this one, and this one (25% approve of Kaine’s job as DNC chair, 40% disapprove), etc, etc, etc.

Yeah, George Allen nailed that one: Tim Kaine is WILDLY popular at Daily Kos and with the “liberal  online activists who are now taking up his cause.” The only problem is, it’s not true. Apparently, somebody forget to tell the “liberal online activists” that they were supposed to be super-enthused about Tim Kaine, cuz they certainly haven’t gotten the message. As usual, though, the facts – those crazy, messy things! – don’t matter to George Allen nearly as much as whatever he’s being paid to spew out, whether it’s climate science denial or attacks on clean energy or “pants on fire” claims, even by PolitiFact’s lax (for Republicans) standards.

As for ActBlue, does George Allen understand that this is simply a political committee, established in 2004, “that enables anyone to fundraise on the Internet for the Democratic Party candidates of their choice?” Also, does Allen understand that this fundraising tool is “open to all registered Democratic campaigns and candidates” — whether they are liberal, moderate, conservative, whatever?  Apparently not.

Finally, does George Allen understand how laughably absurd it is for him, of all people, to criticize how someone fundraises and from whom exactly? Allen, of course, being a guy who fundraises with organizations representing Citizens United and the Koch brothers. What a joke.


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