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Weiner Bait: The Media’s Morality Fraud


Years ago, some stupid kid made a video of himself trying to jump over a moving car. Luckily, he escaped with only a broken leg. It was said the kid was inspired by the Jackass show. However, the show included a warning in every broadcast that “MTV insists that our viewers do not send in any home footage of themselves or others being Jackasses. We will not open or view any submissions, so don’t waste your time.”

Morning network TV shows spent the next day asking if Jackass would lead to the downfall of western civilization … while showing the video of the kid getting hit on an endless loop. A media blogger concluded, “What’s the difference between The Today Show and Jackass? Jackass wouldn’t show the clip of the kid getting hit.”

Tonight, WJLA is enticing viewers to watch its evening newscast with a tease that there are new pictures of Rep. Anthony Weiner.

I’m sure the fact that they’re continuing to hype the story is purely in the name of journalism.

  • The Richmonder

    What David Vitter did–patronizing prostitutes–was far more serious than what Anthony Weiner did.  Sadly, the key distinction here is that there are photos of Weiner’s misconduct but no photos of Vitter’s misbehavior.

    Tomorrow’s another day though and there are a lot of Republicans out there who may regret making this a war of photographed morals.  Make sure you carry a camera with you, preferably a video camera.  Visit Republican events without announcing yourself as a Democrat: you might be surprised what you record. Maybe the Republicans will be surprised too.

  • Teddy Goodson

    for the continual, carefully spaced, “leaking” of the photos? Remarkable how carefully the leaks are spread out, so as to keep the story boiling.

    This morning on WTOP, one of the announcers pointed out how Barney Frank, also a Democrat, about 30 years ago was censured for using a male prostitute for housework and “other things,” but stayed in Congress and weathered the storm— the announcer then asked “Is this the model for Weiner?” Why, one wonders, did he go way back to annoint Barney Frank with his attention, when there were plenty of Republicans, like Vitter, who had survived their own scandals more or less intact? The news media is constantly referring to how this scandal is throwing Democrats “off message,” which is obviously why Democratic leadership is finally telling Weiner to resign… the leadership does seem to be playing right along with the Republicans in building up the tabloid story.