Could someone forward this to Brian Moran?


    Yes, I know Blue Virginia has rules against quoting too much from the original source, so, delete this diary if it offends anyone.

    Meanwhile, here’s a full diary from Daily Kos — Brian Moran and DPVA need to read this.

    Democrats are paying a heavy price for ignoring state legislative elections.…

    Democrats are paying a huge price nationally for their ignoring of state legislative elections in 2010.  This is important because state legislatures draw US House seats.

    This is most clear in North Carolina, where Democrats are likely to lose at least three House seats in redistricting, ending the careers of Larry Kissell, Heath Shuler, and Brad Miller.  

    Had Democrats kept majorities in North Carolina, they would not be losing these seats.  

    This same process is happening in Michigan, where Democrats stand to lose another House seat because they lost control of the state House.  Had Democrats kept control of the State House, it is likely that it would be a Republican losing his seat rather than  a Democrat.

    This process will likely be repeated in Pennsylvania and Georgia, with Democrats losing more House seats.

    People here need to stop focusing on the race for the White House and start focusing on downballot races.  

    We can start in Wisconsin, where there are recall elections in August and we have a chance to pick up the three seats needed to take control of the state Senate.  

    We worked very hard to win control of many state legislatures in 2006, but the DNC under Barack Obama stopped caring about these downballot races and now we are all paying the price for it.  


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