Nouveau Riche Moran Cozy in the Limo


    DPVA Chairman Moran has proven that 90% of success is showing up; always the beneficiary of someone else’s coattails. He knows it and so do his supporters. Projecting their own discomfort with criticism of his hypocrisy, they have labeled his detractors limousine liberals. The DPVA hierarchy is chronically delusional.

    If Moran were to reveal his compensation from the grifters he represents, his loyal following might not wince. But he probably couldn’t get away without a making campaign contribution or two to Democrats (not a one since 2009). It appears he is in good company in this inner party charade. But, Moran is the diametric opposite of, say:

    Attorney General Jack Conway (D), who is leading a multi-state investigation into for-profit colleges with top prosecutors from 18 other states, alleged that Daymar Colleges violated state consumer protection laws by engaging in “unfair, false, misleading and deceptive acts and practices” involving financial aid and recruitment of students. The suit seeks damages and restitution for approximately 5,000 students who were allegedly swindled by the schools. – Huffington Post

    Conway probably isn’t fond of right-to-work laws either. Of course, taking  principled, progressive stands in a liberal state is much easier…oh wait, we’re talking about Kentucky here. The fact is that Moran and his DPVA are scared of their shadows and this puts the truly principled Democratic candidates in the state at great risk. No one has their backs.

    Here’s the message to the true limousine liberals: the shoe leather liberals, the ones who showed up on the streets and in the malls for Webb in 2006, the legislature in 2007, and Obama in 2008 are staying home this fall. The Virginia Senate majority is slipping away unnoticed publicly by anyone other than the Washington Times. Quietly and privately, the tents are folded awaiting the worthwhile fight of 2012.

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