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Stop the Environmentally Disastrous Tar Sands Pipeline


If you’re in DC, stop by the White House and express your support for these folks, staging a sit-in at the White House in an attempt to stop approval of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands Pipeline. Why are they doing this? Because, as Tar Sands Action explains, “The tar sands represent a catastrophic threat to our communities, our climate, and our planet. We urge you to demonstrate real climate leadership by rejecting the requested permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and instead focus on developing safe, clean energy.” Why the urgency? Because “President Barack Obama will decide as early as September whether to light a fuse to the largest carbon bomb in North America…the 1,700-mile long Keystone XL Pipeline that would transport this dirtiest of petroleum fuels all the way to Texas refineries.”

President Obama: say NO to this pipeline. It’s wrong in every way, at a time when climate change is accelerating, and also when we urgently need to be getting off of fossil fuels and onto clean, renewable energy (wind, solar, geothermal, energy efficiency, etc.). This really isn’t that complicated; in fact, the only reason it’s even a question at all is that the oil industry, the wealthiest industry the world has ever known, has been applying enormous pressure on our politicians to “drill baby drill,” regardless of the disastrous environmental consequences. In the case of tar sands, it’s basically “drill baby drill” on steroids from an environmental damage perspective.  Why on earth would we move in this direction, especially when there’s a much, much better way? Well, we shouldn’t, and the folks in front of the White House are putting their bodies on the line to try and stop this thing. For that, we should all be eternally grateful — but even better, we should lend them every bit of support we can.


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