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    Lee District Supervisor Jeff McKayOn August 10th, Democrat Stan Barry held an election kick-off event to begin his re-election campaign for Sheriff of Fairfax County at the Police Association Hall in Fairfax. The event was attended by 70 guests from the agency and community in Fairfax.  In an election year where a lot of the focus will be on whether the Democrats can maintain control of the State Senate, this is a race that will be tightly contested and one that can have a direct impact on the citizens of Fairfax County.

    Sheriff Barry announced the endorsement of the Fairfax County Deputy Sheriff's Coalition, IUPA Local 5016, which is considered one of the biggest endorsements of the race since it comes from an organization that represents the men and women in the agency. These are people with firsthand knowledge of the type of agency that Sheriff Barry runs every day. Sheriff Barry was introduced by Lee District Board Supervisor Jeff McKay. Not only does Supervisor McKay represent the citizens of his district, but he is also a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in the Sheriffs Office. Supervisor McKay noted the pride he and Board has for the deputies of Fairfax and his support for Sheriff Barry, also the continuing cooperation the Sheriff has with the police department and other law enforcement agencies in the area. McKay finished by recognizing that Fairfax County is a safer place because of Sheriff Stan Barry. 

    After announcing the endorsement of the Deputy Sheriff's Coalition, Sheriff Barry said that this upcoming election is not a race between two people, but rather a race of ideas. Sheriff Barry added that there is a stark contrast between him and whoever wins the Republican primary on August 23rd.  The vast number of accomplishments that have occurred under Sheriff Barry's tenure as Sheriff will speak for themselves in this election, as will the collaborative  partnership Barry has built between public safety agencies in Fairfax and the Northern Virginia region. Barry's supporters will be reminding voters of the experienced and effective public safety leader that Sheriff Barry has been for over a decade in Fairfax County.

     Sheriff Barry

    Although the Office of the Sheriff is a public safety agency, the Sheriff is an elected official who is voted in by the citizens of Fairfax.  He knows that getting reelected takes a lot of hard work and dedication, just like in any election.  Sheriff Barry recognizes and understands the importance of the various Democratic blogs and how they can effectively send strong messages to voters about why he is the best choice to lead the Office of the Sheriff for another four years.  I hope everyone will help spread the word to their friends, families and voters in Fairfax County about this race. This race is one that can have a very direct and profound impact on the community in many ways.  Please visit his campaign website for a list of his accomplishments and his Facebook Page as well to keep up with his campaign.  


    Stan Barry for Sheriff


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