Stand With CWA in Virginia Monday


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    The Communicaton Workers of America have gone on strike against Verizon to save bargaining rights and middle-class jobs for over 45,000 families – many of whom are right here in Virginia.  Despite the recession and how hard these union families are hurting, Verizon is trying to force $20,000 in pay and benefits cuts per worker–while the execs and shareholders are pocketing increased profits.

    On Monday, August 15, you can stand with them as they rally across Virginia.  Ontheir website, there is a map of CWA picket lines in Virginia with times listed on the markers.

    You can find out more at the CWA’s website, and be sure to sign their petition: Tell Verizon: Stop Attacking the Middle Class.

    UPDATE: Here are some additional actions from the CWA:

    • “Like” the strikers on Facebook here and change your Facebook and/or Twitter profile picture in solidarity here.
    • Click here to demand that Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam value employees’ work and share his corporation’s success with those who make it possible. 
    • Click here to sign and Tweet an petition demanding Verizon drop its outrageous concessionary demands.
    • To Tweet about the strike, use the hashtag #verizonstrike and feel free to direct to @VZLaborfacts.
    • Drop off water and snacks to strikers at the locations listed or by calling the Locals in your area for special events that they might need. 

    Join us on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our emails to join us in our fight to protect progressive values from this type of ideology that puts corporations above real people, with real needs.  


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