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A Decade of Global Warming-Fueled Extreme Weather


Full and flowing 9-9-11 Burke LakeI moved to Virginia in June 2002. Just since then, some of the records set in Washington, DC and at National Airport in Arlington:

Capital Weather Gang looks at some of this week’s highest rainfall totals, with Fort Belvoir’s 8.82″ ranking among the highest on record. Joe Romm has a good look at this month’s East Coast flooding through a historic lens as we continue getting triple-teamed by tropical storms. The scary part is we’re still in the very early stages of climate change. What kind of extreme weather world will our children face even a couple of decades from now?

But no need to cut our climate pollution, right John Boehner, Eric Cantor & Mitch McConnell? Best to just keep waiting it out, cashing coal & oil checks, and blaming … uhhh, moon volcanoes! Cosmic rays!


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