A money-saving tip for VA school districts


    VA school districts could save a pile of money by adopting the practice of one school district in Texas.

    In Rick Perry’s Texas, one school district has avoided laying off teachers by laying off custodians and having teachers clean their own classrooms. If your instinct was to think this doesn’t affect the educational experience for students, think again.


    — quote

    High school and middle school classrooms must be cleaned within 15 minutes of dismissal. That can cut into time teachers set aside to meet with students. According to a cleaning manual the district distributed to teachers, if the rooms are not swept “room numbers will be logged and reported to respective principals.”

    “If a student comes in the middle of your sweeping, you either have to say. ‘No, I can’t help you,'” she said, or stop and risk that it will not get done in time.

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    Now, you may ask:  What’s wrong with teachers cleaning their own classrooms?  After all — doctors clean their own hospitals; lawyers clean their own offices; in every business, the folks who work in the business clean their own offices — such as bankers, secretaries, nurses, car salesmen, insurance agents, and on and on and on.  Right??

    Oooopppsss!!!!  Shouldn’t have posted this diary!!!  Bob McDonnell may see it.  Or Bob Marshall.