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Another Climate Denier Scandal: Will Media Ever Treat Them Skeptically?


A paper came out a couple of months ago questioning climate science. It quickly became the great shining hope of the climate science denial crowd. An actual scientific paper! Accepted by an actual scientific editor! And published in an actual scientific journal!

But a review of the paper by Roy Spencer and William Braswell published in Remote Sensing is dashing the hopes of climate deniers on the rocks of reality:

  • The paper itself? “Fundamentally flawed” and contains “false claims.”
  • The editor? Apologized for accepting the paper and resigned.
  • The journal? Editorialized that the paper “should not have been published.”

The question has become, how many scandals will it take for the media to apply any degree of skepticism to what climate science deniers say? Deniers hype “Climategate” – independent investigation finds no wrongdoing. Deniers attack Michael Mann – independent investigation vindicates Mann. Deniers tout work of Edward Wegman – independent investigation finds Wegman’s work riddled with plagiarism & inaccuracies.

Instead, the media breathlessly hypes whatever lies the deniers push, but barely mentions the independent investigations that reveal the truth. And the scientific consensus on climate change remains as inconvenient as ever – Earth is warming, man-made carbon pollution is to blame, and we’re running out of time make the transition to clean energy as climate disasters multiply.


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