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    I support Courtney Lynch for Virginia Senate. I’ve found myself really impressed by her and what she stands for as I have gotten to know her. In reviewing her website, three points really stand out on the front page:

    -It’s time for true leadership, not petty partisan politics.

    -It’s time for accountability, not name calling and blame placing.

    -It’s time for diversity, complex challenges are best resolved by a variety of perspectives.

    Petty partisan politics, I’ve had enough of this!

    I was reading an article in the New York Times about a moderate congressman from Tennessee ( One of the most interesting points this article made is that it is not about partisan decision making anymore. In fact, Cooper said, when referring to Gingrich, “His first move was to get rid of the Democratic Study Group, which analyzed bills, and which was so trusted that Republicans as well as Democrats relied on it,” Cooper recalled. “This was his way of preventing us from knowing what we were voting on. Today,” he added, “the ignorance around here is staggering. Nobody has any idea what they’re voting on.” This is one of the most outrageous statements I’ve ever heard, the fact that my tax dollars are put into a system of “representatives” that do not know what they are voting on.

    Next, accountability is absolutely necessary when it comes to voting to put a candidate in office. I want to be sure that the person I’m voting for is going to have the people’s best interest at heart, not their own interest, or even for the good of the party.

    Lastly, Diversity is a huge issue. I looked at a link that discusses women’s representation in politics. ( If you look at the fact sheet from Virginia, you’ll notice that only 19% of the state legislature is represented by women, in the year 2011! In congress, there have been 3 women since 1993. Only three women! There is not even a statistic that shows senate representation at all.

    I understand that gender, race, etc, do not always equal diverse opinions and representation. However, I believe that Courtney Lynch, a mother, a business owner, a veteran, and a lawyer, is someone who has our best interest at heart. She’s stated that she is not a career politician and I like that, because I feel that so many politicians are truly caught up in the politics, instead of serving citizens. It’s time to vote for someone who wants to do what’s best for the country, and to stand for what she believes in. As a young woman, living in Virginia, I believe it is my responsibility to stand up for my future and for the future of our children. I’m doing this by supporting Courtney’s candidacy.  Courtney states in her website, “It’s time Virginia. The thinking that has gotten us to this point has exhausted its value; it will be new ideas and fresh leadership that moves us forward.”  I support fully the idea of moving forward, creating new ideas, and appreciating the value of true leadership for the future of our society.  


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