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Morgan Griffith Hops on the Crazy “TRAIN”


OK, not that there was much doubt about it, but after watching this unhinged tirade, I think we can all agree that Morgan Griffith is completely, unequivocally nuts. He’s also completely, unequivocally wrong, with every word he spews in his floor speech in the House of Representatives. What’s truly astounding is that someone this ignorant, this angry, frankly this unstable, can possibly BE in the House of Representatives. For whatever reason, though, he is, and it’s extremely unfortunate (emphasis on the word “extreme”) for his district, for Virginia, and for America.

OK, enough of that looniness — I feel like I need to take a hot shower after watching the Griffith video. Now, watch on the “flip” as Gerry Connolly demolishes Griffith and his fellow riders on the crazy “TRAIN.” What “TRAIN” is that, you ask? I’ll let Rep. Connolly explain:

the bill is extraordinary even for the most anti-environmental House of Representatives in American history.  The Republican leadership has attempted to pass over 110 anti-environmental bills, amendments, and riders, but the TRAIN Act would be one of the most destructive for America’s environment and our public health. It appears that the Republican leadership took every anti-environmental bill, rider, amendment, and night-time fantasy of the Koch brothers and wrapped them into a single legislative package called the TRAIN Act.


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