Video: Two More NOVA Republican Senate Candidates are NOT Moderates on Social Issues


    Here’s the problem with pretty much all the Republican candidates running in socially moderate/mainstream Northern Virginia: they’re not. A bit earlier today, I posted video of Caren Merrick, from last night’s Arlington Civic Federation candidates forum, who would love to never talk about social issues, being asked about a woman’s right to choose and about LGBT equality issues. She bombed. Badly. On both. It’s a shocker, I know. Heh.

    Now, here are two more examples of this phenomenon: NOVA Republicans who avoid mentioning social issues on their websites or in their literature, but when asked about these issues, reveal themselves as being just as right wing as most other Teapublicans these days.

    First, here’s Republican Patrick Forrest, candidate for State Senate from the 32nd district against Sen. Janet Howell (D). If you look at this guy’s website, you’ll see nothing about social issues. Based on his utterly absurd, laughable answer to the following question on abortion clinic restrictions, it’s easy to understand why. Apparently, Patrick is missing the Forrest for the trees (heh, couldn’t resist), if he seriously believes that these new abortion clinic “health” and “safety” regulations have anything whatsoever to do with health and safety. Either that, or he’s simply repeating the Bob McDonnell/Ken Cuccinelli, right-wing mantra on this issue. Either way, it’s not going to fly in the socially moderate/progressive parts of northern Virginia, such as the 32nd Senate district.

    See the “flip” for Adam Ebbin’s right wingnutty opponent on gay rights issues.

    Then there’s the 30th State Senate district, where Del. Adam Ebbin should cruise to victory, easily, over this Tim McGhee character. Again, if you look at his website, you’ll see a bunch of vague, general principles, such as how his campaign is supposedly “about spreading freedom and democracy,” as well as Deep Thoughts such as, “The tallest of trees generally have the deepest of roots.” Whatever. More to the point, you’ll find no specific mentions of his stances on social issues. Yet, when asked last night about one of those social issues – LGBT equality – McGhee showed his true colors, saying that “the people of Virginia spoke clearly in 2006 [about the anti-gay-marriage amendment] and I’m not interested in revisiting it.” That’s about it. No sign of any support for LGBT equality from this guy, not even the least bit of lip service to the issue. And he seriously expects to make headway in the solid blue 30th Senate district with that kind of (pathetic) attitude? Yeah, good luck, dude (or, actually, not)!


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