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Virginia News Headlines: Friday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, September 30.

*Webb, Warner, and Kaine Endorse Sen. Puller

*Kaine campaign critical of Allen on disaster aid

*Webb seeks assurance on Vietnam MIA project

*Residents content with their lives, not so much with Hampton Roads

*Arlington GOP raises $4 in September

*Citizens United affiliate opens checkbook, again, for GOP candidates in Virginia

*Falls Church accuses Fairfax County of wanting monopoly on supplying water

*Haley Barbour headlines event for Del. Comstock’s re-election campaign

*Woodbridge flood cleanup slowed by red tape

*NoVa Roller Derby launches Saturday in Loudoun

*McDonnell hosts Spielberg, crew at mansion reception

*96 percent of Virginia schools are fully accredited (Does this mean anything? I’m highly dubious.)

*Allen, Kaine camps trade shots on disaster aid, taxes

*Virginia is awash in water

*Virginia pumpkin retailers fared better than their East Coast peers

P.S. This is not directly Virginia related, but here’s yet ANOTHER big success for the Obama Administration in its war against anti-American extremist groups: Yemen says al-Qaida-linked cleric al-Awlaki killed

P.P.S. Oh yeah, today’s (and maybe this year’s) most bizarre op-ed, by teahadist Barton Hinkle in the Republican Times-Disgrace, on why Extremism in defense of extremism is no vice. Yes, seriously – it’s a passionate defense of extremism. Or something. Wow…


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