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Virginia News Headlines: Monday Morning


Here are a few Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, September 26.

*Polls find Kaine Senate bid unhurt by Obama slip in Virginia

*Va. Dems distancing themselves from Obama

*With limited cash, aging bridges test priorities

*Allen: I’m running to restore U.S.’ stature

*Warner criticizes ‘tea-party crowd’ (I’m glad to see Warner moving past his previous false equivalence between far-right extremist groups like the Tea Party and mainstream liberal groups like MoveOn)

*Jeff Frederick runs for state Senate, and redemption (see the video above of freakazoid Frederick, who was booted out of RPV leadership by Republicans disgusted with his incompetence, speaking last night at the Arab-American dinner and making strange comments as usual (e.g., some kind of apropos-of-nothing comment about not being 23 anymore, and twice mentioning how he needed a shower and didn’t smell good — “I probably stink a little bit, I do take showers”)

*McDonnell heads to New Hampshire

*Governor’s plan aims to solidify family unit while reducing poverty

*Southwest Virginia airports land big bucks

*Tysons Corner City? Its past and its future

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