Why Cuccinelli hates tax cuts


    Attorney General Cuccinelli had an interesting response to President Obama’s jobs plan the other day, per WSLS in Lynchburg:

    Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli thinks tax cuts will hurt the economy. “It puts a few dollars in people’s pockets and everybody would appreciate more money in their pockets, but it also increases the deficit in a way that doesn’t stimulate the economy.”

    Um…run that one by me again?  Aren’t Republicans always in favor of tax cuts?  Don’t they repeat like every day that they are the best thing for whatever ails the economy?

    Well, apparently not, when a tax cut proposal comes from a demonized Democratic president.  And for those who thought that Cuccinelli was ideologically consistent, the evidence keeps coming in that it’s partisanship, and the quest for power, that drives his decision-making — not principle.

    You can point to his decision to excuse fellow Republican Governor McDonnell from prosecution for violating the open meetings law.  Hey, what’s a little law-breaking among fellow party members?

    And you can point to his continued harassment of climate scientist — and Koch target — Professor Michael Mann and his former employer, UVA.  For all that he and his Tealiban acolytes talk about “liberty” and claim to revere the Constitution, this case proves that the Bill of Rights is the first thing to go out the window when they gain power and have an enemy — or prized scapegoat — in their sights.  

    Even after UVA agreed to disgorge thousands of documents to a conservative group that filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the same info, the Ayatollah General continues his mad pursuit like Captain Ahab chasing the white whale.

    Just the other day, Cuccy had his deputy in court continuing to pursue the case, even claiming “We don’t care if global warming (theory) is right or wrong.  It’s whether the data was intentionally or knowingly manipulated.”  This despite the fact that Cuccinelli’s filings on the case read like a breathless conspiracy theory diary posted on a climate denialist blog.

    Yes, it’s all in a day’s work for Cuccinelli.  It’s just not honest work.  


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