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Will Rep. Wolf Side With Tea Party or With Children’s Lungs?


Just got this email from a local conservationist:

Right now there is a bill in the House of Representatives to stop that rule from moving forward: the “Transparency in Regulatory Analysis of Impacts on the Nation (TRAIN) Act” (H.R. 2401). The bill blocks and indefinitely delays two of the most important clean air regulations of the past few decades – including the mercury and air toxics standards that we all advocated so hard for.

Based on our outreach here in DC, we believe that Congressman Frank Wolf (R-VA 10) is yet undedicated on whether he’ll vote “party-line” in support of this bill, or stand up for public health and wildlife and oppose the TRAIN Act.

Which way will Rep. Wolf vote today? If you live in Virginia’s 10th Congressional district, please call Rep. Wolf’s DC office at 202-225-5136 right now. If you can’t get through to Rep. Wolf’s DC office, call his Herndon office at 800-945-9653 or his Winchester office at 800-850-3463. Let us know what you hear in comments.


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