Bob McDonnell: The Jobs (Killing) Governor


    From the DPVA press release accompanying the release of this video:

    The number of unemployed Virginians grew by 9,535 in the month of August. The unadjusted Virginia unemployment rate increased by .03 percent in August while the national rate fell by .02 percent. The seasonally adjusted rate in Virginia rose by .02 percent in August while the seasonally adjusted national rate remained stable.

    Oh, and that’s not even counting all the jobs losses in state and local government, in part thanks to McDonnell’s misguided policies and counterproductive cut-cut-cut-some-more ideology. Meanwhile, “Bob’s for Jobs” is actually focusing every day on everything BUT jobs – national Republican politics, mainly, plus his relentless flacking for the dirty energy industry (and doling out of corporate welfare to his favorite industries in general, for basically no results in terms of jobs) and, of course, his divisive social policy agenda. And this failure’s considered VP material by national Republicans? That really says it all, doesn’t it?


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