Debate Video: Caren Merrick Lies About Delegates Keam’s and Bulova’s NRA Scores


    During a 31st State Senate District debate this afternoon at Rodef Shalom Synagogue in Falls Church, Tea Party Republican Caren Merrick outright lies about the NRA scores of Delegates Mark Keam and David Bulova. In reality, Merrick received an A- rating, which is significantly more pro-gun than Keam and Bulova, who received grades of “C” and “D,” respectively. Don’t you just love how Merrick keeps trying to hide her hard-right-wing views on just about every subject, from guns to a woman’s right to choose to the environment to her anti-government/anti-tax views to…you name it? Stay tuned for more video, including Merrick’s “drill baby drill!” stance, her utter ignorance of how to fund transportation, her obvious support for draconian restrictions on women’s health clinics in Virginia, and her continuing refusal to release her NRA questionnaire (despite promising she’d do so before the election; well, the clock is ticking, just 2 weeks to go!).

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