Video: Caren Merrick Really REALLY Dislikes Answering Simple Questions!


    Following yesterday’s 31st State Senate District debate at Rodef Shalom Synagogue in Falls Church, Josh Horwitz of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence attempts to ask Tea Party-endorsed Republican nominee Caren Merrick for her completed NRA questionnaire, which she had publicly promised (in the previous debate, and also in yesterday’s debate) to provide him. Instead, Merrick refuses to even acknowledge Horwitz, while her campaign aides physically block him from approaching her as they claim to have a need to get through quickly. Merrick then stops, takes her sweet time having a leisurely conversation with someone (showing that she was NOT in a rush after all), then (appropriately) ducks out the back door.

    One thing’s for sure, with this kind of attitude – and the kind of behavior by her and by her staff we saw yesterday – Merrick’s definitely in the right political party! Heh.


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