“Good Chance” Cuccinelli’s Running for Governor


    Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Attorney General Cuccinelli dropped a bombshell last week when he “told a student at Norfolk Technical School on Tuesday that there is a ‘good chance’ he’ll run for governor.”

    Yes, there was the usual after-the-fact correction by his spokesman, “clarifying” that Cuccy didn’t specify when he would run for governor.  Perhaps those who’ve never heard a politician talk before may fall for that one.  As for the rest of us…

    Look, let’s cut through the BS.  While Cuccinelli excites the extremists who possess his party, Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling has all the charisma of an armadillo.  And as soon as Cuccy announces for Guv, Bolling is guaranteed to look like one of those armadillos by the side of a dusty Texas highway.  

    If Cuccinelli runs, he will be the Republican nominee, and if the Dems fail to challenge him effectively, he will become our next governor.   Just think about how much he would set back the progress and reputation of this state.  At a time when even the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and The Economist are admitting that climate change is a scientific reality, Cuccinelli continues to pursue his lawsuit against the EPA for attempting to protect the public from the effects of climate change — while refusing to drop his baseless and unconstitutional assault on Professor Michael Mann for engaging in legitimate academic research.

    Cuccinelli’s Virginia will be one in which the state acts aggressively as a bully to suppress all the favorite scapegoats of the far right — gays, unions, environmentalists, immigrants, pregnant women, etc., while favoring vested interests like Big Coal, multinational corporations, gun manufacturers and the Church.

    And guess what?  If we allow the State Senate to go Republican Tuesday, November 8th, there will be no check on the man and a lot of momentum carrying him forward.  Scared?  Well then get out there and fight for our Democratic candidates!  


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