The Truth About Dick Black


    Career Politician Once Called ‘Embarrassment to Us All’ Tries to Cover Up His Record on the Issues

    Ashburn, VA – Career politician and former Delegate Dick Black is trying to cover up his real record on the issues from the voters. Unfortunately for him, voters remember him as an ineffective, social crusader who was called an “embarrassment to us all” in 2005 by the former Chief of Staff to the Republican leader of the House of Delegates.

    As a Delegate, Black opposed birth control, and he went so far as to try and make it legal for pharmacies to refuse to sell birth control to adult women. He also opposes abortion in all cases, including when a woman is raped, is a victim of incest or when her life is in imminent danger.

    Black’s record is so extreme, he sent plastic fetuses to members of the General Assembly and even called birth control pills ‘baby pesticides’ in 2004. “Delegate Black’s cover up on his extreme record about women’s reproductive health is just another sign he is too out of the mainstream for Loudoun and Prince William families,” said Mitchell campaign manager Dominic Gabello. “There are too many families in Loudoun and Prince William counties that are worried about losing their jobs, are stuck in traffic and wondering why their kids are squeezed into trailers.

    “If we want to know what Delegate Black will be like in Richmond again, we only need to look at his previous history for a glimpse of the future. Delegate Black really wants people to think he cares about the economy, but in reality his goal when he was a Delegate was to ‘end abortion.’ Voters aren’t interested in electing someone to a higher position whose goal is to promote divisive social issues, or that cut a quarter of a billion dollars from colleges and universities. They want someone who is going to create jobs, fix our transportation crisis and protect public school funding.”


    Black Called “Embarrassment to Us All” by Colleague
    In a October 20, 2005 Letter to the Editor in the Washington Post, Dick Black was called “An Embarrassment to us all” by John Feegel, a former Chief of Staff to the Republican Leader in the Virginia House of Delegates.

    Black voted to make it legal for pharmacies to refuse to sell birth control to adult women
    In 2001, Black voted against a bill that established procedures for a doctor to authorize a licensed pharmacist to dispense emergency contraception to women. [HB 2782, 2/1/2001]

    Black Against Abortion in All Instances
    In June 2003, the Associated Press State & Local Wire reported that Black called the 2000 Supreme Court ruling that protects late-term abortions in cases where the mother’s life is in danger “essentially a total loophole for anybody who wants to commit a late-term abortion.” [Associated Press State & Local Wire, 6/18/2003]

    Black Called Birth Control Pills ‘Baby Pesticides’
    “Black, a member of the Roman Catholic Church, called emergency contraception pills that are taken after unprotected sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy “baby pesticides” developed by the same laboratories that did work on Nazi gas chambers. [Richmond Times Dispatch, 3/14/2004]

    Black Passed Out “Pink Plastic Fetus Dolls” to Win Approval for Anti-Abortion Legislation in 2003
    According to the Roanoke Times, Dick Black “is best known for passing out pink plastic fetus dolls to state lawmakers in 2003 in a creepy campaign to win votes for various anti-abortion measures.” [The Roanoke Times, 6/13/2011]

    Black Stated Goal was to ‘End Abortion’
    “My goal is to end abortion,” said Del. Richard H. Black, R-Loudoun. “I really believe abortion's days are numbered.” [Virginian Pilot, April 3, 2003]


    Authorized by Shawn Mitchell for State Senate


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