Video: Shawn Mitchell Utterly Demolishes Dick “Plastic Fetus Dude” Black


    Watch this video of the Prince William County 100 13th Senatorial District Debate the other day, and decide for yourself whether Democratic nominee/small business owner/combat veteran Shawn Mitchell utterly demolishes unhinged homophobe (don’t believe me? see here) Dick “Plastic Fetus Dude” Black or not. A few highlights.

    *Black’s apparently confused over whether he’s running for state or federal office, including his bizarre reference to “Solyndra” (he of course gets the lessons of that situation 180-degrees wrong)

    *Understatement of this campaign season: Dick Black declares, “I am a social conservative.” Uh, really, ya think?!? LOL

    *He’s all for “drill baby drill,” which of course means “spill baby spill.” Oh, and he loves filthy/dirty coal. Shocker.

    *He’s completely wrong on the Dulles Rail Project Labor Agreement issue. For the facts on that one, see here.

    *He outright lies that the United States has an “open borders policy.” In reality, something Dick Black has only tenuous connection to, our borders are more secure than ever, and “illegal immigration” is way, way, way down in the past few years.

    *Black goes totally off the deep end on embryonic stem cell research, which he characterizes as being conducted on “live human beings!” Again, back to that strange world (to Dick Black and his ilk) called “reality”: these are clusters of a few undifferentiated cells (very, very far from “live human beings”) that would be thrown out anyway; they have unique characteristics (e.g., pluripotency) that make them EXTREMELY valuable in the fight against diabetes, cancer, heart disease, paralysis, and many other diseases; and again, they’d be thrown out anyway.

    *Classic comment: Black says he’s had the “great blessing of having worked very closely with Del. Bob Marshall…I certainly will look to him.” That says it all right there: “Sideshow Bob” and “Plastic Fetus Dude,” perfect together!

    *At one point, he bizarrely compares himself to Abraham Lincoln. Sir, I didn’t know Abraham Lincoln, nor was Abraham Lincoln a friend of mine, but notwithstanding both those facts, I can say with great confidence that you sir are NO ABRAHAM LINCOLN! LOL

    *Another Big Lie from Black, again on a federal issue (is he running for Congress?) comes when he claims Democrats can’t pass a budget in Congress, even though it’s 99% the Republicans’ obstructionism and absolutism that has gummed up the works.

    *Meanwhile, small business owner/combat veteran Shawn Mitchell calmly, articulately, and knowledgeably answers every question, in a way that elicits great confidence that this is someone who “gets it,” who has his head screwed on straight, and who is focused on the economy as opposed to outlandish social issue crusades (like Dick Black).

    *In sum, whether on energy or scientific research or women’s rights or just about anything else, Dick Black is stuck in the 19th century. He certainly doesn’t understand the modern world, let alone the economic, technological and other challenges facing us in the 21st century.

    P.S. On the ridiculous, off-topic (once again) question by Dick Black over whether a Democrat like Shawn Mitchell supports President Obama, Mitchell makes the excellent point that if the choice is between Obama and the likes of Romney/Perry/Bachmann/Cain/Santorum/Gingrich, it’s not a particularly tough choice, now is it? 🙂 Duhhhh.


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