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Vote Delgaudio or We’ll Get “Tyranny and Socialism,” “rationed fuel” and “rationed butter!”


Apparently, the theme this morning is bat**** crazy teahadists. First, there was raging homophobic wackjob Dick Black, desperately lashing out at Democratic businessman and candidate Shawn Mitchell. Now, it’s our old favorite, Loudoun County Supervisor (yes, he actually was elected) Eugene Delgaudio, another foaming-at-the-mouth homophobe (see here for his rant on “homosexuals dressed as pirates {who} whisk {the young men} away to God knows where to take advantage of them sexually“) with an email that has to be read to be believed.

Yes, that’s right, if people don’t reelect Eugene Delgaudio, then “Tyranny and Socialism, respectively, [will] take over this Board of Supervisors,” resulting in “rationed fuel or electricity…rationed butter due to the ‘fat content’…limiting the area you can plant trees or bushes.” No, this is not a joke, satire, parody, or anything of the sort, it’s just Eugene Delgaudio behaving as he always does.

For the “full buffoonery,” as Lloyd of Too Conservative calls it, click here, and ponder the question, where on earth do Republicans find with these people, and what does it say about their party that their candidate ranks are filled with foiks like Delgaudio?!?


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