Dick Black Hangs Up on Omar Samaha; Time for Voters to Hang Up on Dick Black!


    From the Shawn Mitchell for State Senate campaign:

    “Dick Black Hung Up On Me”

    Black Ignores Calls from Concerned Citizens

    Ashburn, VA – Last night, the Shawn Mitchell for State Senate campaign released a call to voters in the 13th District from Omar Samaha, brother of Virginia Tech victim, Reema Samaha. Samaha reached out to Dick Black via phone on October 31st but when he began asking questions, Black hung up on him. This call is in addition to Shawn Mitchell asking career politician Dick Black, in a candidates forum in Prince William county on October 20th, to release his answers to the extreme Virginia Citizens Defense League survey, which Black has refused to do for more than two weeks.

    You can listen to the recorded call here. The text of the call is as follows:

    “Hi, my name is Omar Samaha. On April 16th 2007, my life changed forever. My sister Reema was shot and killed by a severely mentally ill man as she sat in class at Virginia Tech. Gun violence ripped apart dozens of families that fateful day. After the VA Tech massacre many of us worked with then Governor Kaine and the General Assembly to make sure that people with dangerous mental health conditions, felons, domestic abusers and terrorists could not get firearms. I am proud to say that the Virginia State Police now have the best system in the entire country for identifying those who are not permitted to have guns. That is why I am so concerned that Senate Candidate Dick Black wants to dismantle this life saving system and again allow dangerous individuals to get firearms. When I tried to discuss this issue with Dick Black he hung up on me. Now it’s time for voters to hang up on him. Please get out on November 8th and Vote. Thank you. Paid for and authorized by Shawn Mitchell for State Senate…

    More on the “flip”…

    “It’s absolutely clear that Dick Black only cares about pushing his extreme agenda on Loudoun and Prince William families,” said Mitchell Campaign Manager Dominic Gabello. “Black’s refusal to answer questions from concerned citizens, to debate Shawn, or to release his answers to the VCDL survey show that he’s the same social crusader that voters fired in 2005.

    “This is the same Dick Black who opposes birth control for adult women, sent plastic fetuses to members of the General Assembly to highlight his opposition to abortion rights, and said if a woman was married and wearing a nightie to bed, a husband could forcibly have his way with her without any legal repercussions. He also has failed to publically condemn the horrific image sent out by the Loudoun County Republican Party of President Obama with a bullet in his head.

    Voters need to reject Dick Black again on Tuesday, November 8th and say NO to his extreme agenda for Loudoun and Prince William families.


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